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Screening and broadcast rights


ub2 is available for use by educational, corporate, and not-for-profit groups to use to foster conversation about HIV, status, or stigma. It is also available for film festival screenings and broadcast. Please contact CFMDC for information.


CFMDC is a non-commercial film distributor dedicated to distributing works which operate not simply outside of the mainstream, but which are innovative and diverse in their origins and expressions. CFMDC was founded in 1967 by a group of visionary filmmakers with the set goal of increasing distribution opportunities, audiences and visibility for artists and independent film.


Through a unique and successful national and international distribution service, CFMDC makes its film collection available for preview, rental and sale for the purposes of research, exhibition, screening and broadcast, and for institutional and private acquisition.


CFMDC plays a critical role as an advocate for the accessibility of independently produced film, contributes to the creation of a culture receptive to artist-made films, and remits royalties to artists for the exhibition of their work.